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Vidooch - Acillary Album
Label: None
Release: 2006

Sit and Stand
Alpha Boy and Alpha girl
Everyone Is Fine
Sack Shack Shake
Jack Jack Jack
Sunny Times
Free Vacation
Busy Kids busy Lips
Meet Me In The East
Beaneath Sheets
Passing Through the Future
Pitching Tents
Acillary Album - Vidooch

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Vidooch's second entry, "Acillary Album" comes less than a year after the their self-titled debut hit the internet. The original album, with all it's implications of pointless eccentricity and randomness for it's own sake, actually proved to be quite a satisfying and well crafted first effort. Kicking off on "Sit and Stand" and "Breemer", both with a heavily synthesized sound and overflowing vocal tracks, it seems like Acillary Album will be a similar collection of enjoyable if not incomprehensible "digital dances." But next comes "Alpha Boy and Alpha Girl," a relatively restrained and completely charming duet between leadman Sean and an unknown but clearly talented female vocalist. Shocking our sensibilities about what we would expect from Vidooch, this song also is one the album's highlights, with it's memorable exchange "I am planet Venus/ I am planet Mars/ Let's have sex together."

And so Acillary proceeds from there: An unapologetic mix of accoustic and digital tracks, still possesing that strange Vidooch edge, but ultimately much more accessible than the previou effort. Even so, Vidooch is still at it's best when it's at its most ridiculous, as with "Jack Jack Jack", "Monday", and the utterly-absurd (listen to the lyrics!) "Free Vacation", which reminds of us that they can sure the hell rock like they did in their pre-album days The best song on the album is also the most rep1resentative of it's overall sound, the insturmental "Sunny Times." Diluted as the over-the-top digital assualts are on Acillary compared to it's predecessor, some will probably find it is still a little heavy on the frantic sound and vocal overdubbing. The only other weak point of the album is it's last song, "Pitching Tents," which comes off completely flat and unnecessary. Both these issues are a result of the album running just a little too long, and had it stopped at 14 songs ("Monday" would have been a great conclusion), Acillary Album would be great, but it still comes off as very very good. The smart use of backup vocals (particulary on the male/female duets) and diverse sound represent a commendable maturation beyond the stylings of the first album. If you haven't heard Vidooch yet, you need too, and this is a great place to start.

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