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Tarantula A.D. - Book of Sand
Label: Kemado Records
Release: 2005

1. The Century Trilogy I: Conquest
2. Who Took Berlin (Part I)
3. Who Took Berlin (Part II)
4. Sealake
5. The Century Trilogy II: Empire
6. Prelude To The Fall
7. The Lost Waltz
8. Riverpond
9. Palo Borracho
10. The Century Trilogy III: The Fall

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Tarantula A.D.ís Book of Sand is a wicked instrumental album, it sounds like something you would hear in a horror movie, complete with great guitar riffs, and cellos and other stringed instruments and things you donít hear too often in contemporary music anymore, it all gives it a creepy feeling without being mediocre Goth about it, and classical music and opera, and Celtic music shows its head in this collection as well, it is very eclectic. It has a strange haunted house appeal to it that would make it perfect for your Halloween party mix, although it is definitely something worth listening to year round whenever you want to hear something creepy, beautiful, well put together and emotional.

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