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Oranger - New Comes and Goes
Label: Eenie Meenie Records
Release: 2005

1. Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs
2. New Comes and Goes
3. Sukiyaki
4. Garden Party for the Murder Pride
5. Outtatoch
6. RadioWave
7. Whacha Holden
8. Crones
9. Haeter
10. Flying Pretend
11. Light Machine
12. Target You By Feel
13. Come Back Tomorrow

New Comes and Goes - Oranger
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This album is a fun, feel-good album to listen to. It has great hooks and the music is strong, fast but not overpowering, itís innocent and unassuming enough to not venture out to make you live by what itís saying as you would a magnum opus work, but it is totally good on the ears and something nice to sing along to and makes really cool driving music to keep you alert and interested, the band seems to know what the hell they are doing. The Tracks are laid out well and flow from song to song with ease; this album is worth a listen and the few bucks it sells for.

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