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Sarah Mclachlan - Bloom - Remixes
Label: Arista Records
Release: 2005

1. World On Fire (Junkie XL Club Edit)
2. Ice (Dusted Mix)
3. Vox (Tom Middleton Mix)
4. Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Mix)
5. Stupid (DJ Hyper Mix)
6. Train Wreck (Sly & Robbie Mix)
7. Just Like Me (DMC Featuring Sarah McLachlan)
8. Answer (Talvin Singh Mix)
9. Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Edit)
10. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Junior Boys Mix)
11. Fallen (Satoshi Tommie's Mix)

Bloom - Remixes - Sarah Mclachlan
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First off, I don’t really care for Sarah Mclachlan’s music to begin with, I had a gay moment back in the late 90s and bought “surfacing” but since then I have not really cared for her emotional jargon she yodels on top of over-produced piano and guitar work. I thought I might like the remixes, but I don’t really like them either. First off, maybe there are a few songs here that are ok, but for most part it is just a series of songs that I don’t really know to begin with, that have been remixed by certain artists. The hardest downfall of this album is a rap remix featuring DMC and Will-i-am of the Black Eyed peas, but wait, there’s more and it gets worse: the rap is a remake of Cat Stevens’ “cat’s in the cradle” and it is about as bad as it gets. The rest of the Cd is just mundane remixes over uninteresting ballads and tear jerkers. Get over it, Sarah, why anyone would want to remix this dribble is beyond me.

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