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Sinead O Connor - Collaborations
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 2005

1. Special Cases (Radio Edit) [with Massive Attack]
2. 1000 Mirrors (with Asian Dub Foundation)
3. Empire (with Bomb The Bass)
4. Guide Me God (with Ghostland)
5. Visions Of You (with Jah Wobble)
6. Release (Album Edit) [with Afro Celt Sound System]
7. Wake Up And Make Love With Me (with The Blockheads)
8. Kingdom Of Rain (Album Version) [with The The]
9. I’m Not Your Baby (with U2)
10. Tears From The Moon (Album Version) [with Conjure One]
11. Blood Of Eden (Radio Edit) [with Peter Gabriel]
12. Harbour (with Moby)
13. Up In Arms (with Aslan)
14. It’s All Good (with Damien Dempsey)
15. Heroine (Theme From 'Captive') [with The Edge)
16. Monkey In Winter (with The Colourfield)
17. All Kinds Of Everything (with Terry Hall)

Collaborations - Sinead O Connor
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This is what it is, it is a collaboration or Sinead O’Connor and many different artists, and the songs are only as good as the collaborators to be honest, While her collaboration with Moby in “Harbour” was probably the worst track on this CD, there are a lot of other great moments that cancel that out, such as “empire” with Bomb the Bass and “visions of you” with Jah Wobble, there’s a lot of good material on this CD, you’ll have to listen to it to fine it! There’s also a few bad apples, but it doesn’t’ ruin the proverbial bunch. There are a lot of different sounds on this CD ranging from pop, to new wave to reggae. If you like Sinead’s Wonderful Voice, this collaboration collection is worth a listen and can be worth a buy too.

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