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Like, The - Are you Thinking What I'm Thinking?
Label: Geffen
Release: 2005

1. June Gloom
2. What I Say And What I Mean
3. You Bring Me Down
4. (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting
5. Bridge To Nowhere
6. Once Things Look Up
7. Under The Paving Stones
8. Too Late
9. We Are Lost
10. The One
11. Mrs. Actually
12. Falling Away
13. Waves That Never Break

Are you Thinking What I
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The Like are not a band that will really change the world of music, in fact they can be very run of the mill. Their album ďare you thinking what Iím thinking?Ē is not really any kind of magnum opus of musicianship. However saying these negative things, I must couple them with the fact that although the Like sound like a million other bands out there in this world, they are on the side of the bands that all sound the same and donít suck. The Like is a strong band with some great emotionally charged music and confident vocalist. Listening to this CD, the listener gets the feeling that this band isnít out to be avant-garde or to define a generation, they simply want to make good rock music that doesnít suck. Congratulations, The Like, you have succeeded.

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