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Various Artists - Astralwerks Sampler New Music '04-'05
Label: Astralwerks
Release: 2005

1. Slash Dot Dash -- Fatboy Slim
2. You Can't Hurry Love -- The Concretes
3. Absolute Affirmation -- Radio 4
4. Night On Fire -- VHS Or Beta
5. The Love Song -- k-os
6. What Are You Afraid Of -- West Indian Girl
7. Run Run Run -- Phoenix
8. Surfing On A Rocket -- Air
9. I'd Rather Dance With You -- Kings Of Convenience
10. Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)? -- Bettye Swann
11. I'll Come Running -- Brian Eno
12. One Plus One Is One -- Badly Drawn Boy
13. You Almost Had It -- The Golden Republic
14. Requiem For A Hit (Glove Radio Mix) -- Miss Kittin

Astralwerks Sampler New Music

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This sampler is pretty indicative of most samplers put out today, the first few tracks are really good and peak your interest, followed by some middle of the road songs that are just sort of there, then some really bad songs, and then topping it off with a twist surprise good track at the end. Track one is a Fatboy Slim “slash dot com” track that will get you wanting to dance, as most Fatboy Slim songs will do and is an impressive start to this release. 2nd track is The Concretes with “you cant hurry love” which at first glance you think it’s going to be a remake of an older song, but unfortunately it’s just a boring and bland song that should have never made it on this sampler to begin with. The next few songs by Radio 4 and VHS or Beta are throwbacks to the 80s and are relatively good sounding and keep your interest alive, then come the Eminem and Black Eyed Peas-esque rap by K-OS. West Indian Girl’s “what are you afraid of” sounds like a bad Radiohead song, and I had to pinch myself to realize that the next few songs by Air, Kings of Convenience, and Phoenix were really playing because they sort of seem to be so boring that you forget they are playing and lose attention. Brian Eno’s “I’ll come running” was particularly horrid and bland. Bettye Swann’s “don’t you ever get tired (of hurting me?)” is another song I really enjoyed on this collection, it is like a 60s soul song tried and true. It has even the evidence of being recorded in the same way they recorded songs back then, and it is one of the coolest songs on this sampler. Badly Drawn Boy’s “one plus one is one” wasn’t a bad song but it suffers due to the singer’s inability to carry it the way it should have been carried. The Golden Republic’s “you almost had it” is a Franz Ferdinand Song in the making, which is not a bad thing at all. The last song is a treat, it’s a funny, silly, little track by Miss Kittin and was a really cool way to end this CD.
All in all, I would have to say that it is an generally good sampler filled with a few bad or just uninspired songs , but not everything is going to be good on any sampler, so we can forgive Astralwerks for this.

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