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Vidooch - Vidooch
Label: No Record Label
Release: 2005

1. Trans-Pose
2. Me Killed
3. Police Engine
4. Forever Flock
5. Day of the Dumpster
6. Aged Dynamics
7. Right Now
8. Commercial
9. Empty Patter
10. Crap Zap
11. Parking Break
Vidooch - Vidooch

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This is a very eclectic, strange and fantastic album that you've never heard. Vidooch is/was 2 Seattle brothers and some jazzy musical equipment making an experimental sound all their own, definitely not the atypical Seattle sound. The monotone vocals are reminiscent of the new wave bands of the 80s such as Devo, and the music itself is clever and another reflection of that same 80s genre although at stages it does cross over to sound more like a Radiohead Kid-A Kind of experimentation. Vidooch is really difficult to put into words, but if you like music that doesn't take itself too seriously but still doesn't sound completely like a joke, you'll love Vidooch.

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Reviewer Rating of CD :

This is the first and final album from Vidooch. A pair of brother's from Seattle plus a whole host of other random people over the years, its hard to pin down the sound of this band succinctly. Earlier material (avaible at ) suggests pop-rock: Check out the metalish-plodding of Democritus, the teen-angst of the delightful "Faces You Make" and the mind-blowing "Juxtapose." But somewhere along the way, Vidooch's sound became heavily steeped in electronica and unchecked vocal overdubbing. This can be a formula for disaster or success, and fortunately the Vidooch album lands firmly in the success category.

The first listen is suprising, overwhelming, and often pretty fucking funny. Weird vocal effects and the bizarre metaphysical rants jump out; heavy use of synth effects make the songs somewhat hard to distinguish. By the time the listener has gotten through all 11 tracks, he is unsure whether to be amused, horrified, or doubled over with laughter. But in any case, another listening is merited. Once some of the odder aspects of the Vidooch sound is adjusted for, the songs reveal themselves as the results of both excellent writing and production. "Police Engine" clearly demonstrates the boys haven't lost their rocking edge. "Forever Flock" is a headscratcher at first (just listen to it), but possesses a strange beauty. The madness of the lyrics kicks into overdrive with "Right Now" and continues on in "Commercial." And just as the electronica and lyrical insanity threaten to become too much, "Crap Zap" bursts in to save the day with its simple pop-rock stylings. While there is some deliberate repetetion of lyrics and themes throughout the album all the songs have their own personality, and by virtue of there only being 11, none of them miss, either.

The alblum ages like a fine wine. And like fine wine, you might make a funny face the first time you taste it. Give it a few listens and you'll be hooked.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

"I like TV - I like sex - I like music - - I like cars - - I like people..."

Vidooch's album is one of the most obscure records I've ever heard. I read a review from a fellow Blamovian, who said that he / she felt Vidooch didn't take his / their music seriously. Well, I don't agree with that statement at all. Whether Vidooch admits it or not, there is something serious behind this music.

When I was sent this in the mail, I really had no idea what to expect. It's taken me this long to review it becos I still am not sure what I am listening to. What I can say without a doubt is that this music is one of the most original pieces I have ever heard. It reminds me of a even odder Radiohead combined with an early Joy Division combined with Prodigy combined with pure insanity. The Radiohead inspiration isn't hard to miss, even if you ignore the weird-techno sounding voices that are used throughout the album (especially in "Forever Flock.")

The highlights of this "digital dance" record are "Trans-Pose," "Police Engine," "Aged Dynamics," "Commercial," "Crap Zap," (which is the true highlight of the record,) and "High Five."

And who can't dig a band who while is in the middle of a heavy metal song, continues to say over and over (in synch with the music,) "Heavy metal riff?"

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