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Perishers , The - Let there be Morning
Label: Nettwerk Records
Release: 2005

1. Weekends
2. Sway
3. Reminder
4. My Heart
5. Nothing Like You and I
6. Trouble Sleeping
7. Still Here
8. Going Out
9. Pills
10. Let There Be Morning

Let there be Morning - Perishers , The
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This is a really chill CD, it has a flow to it that is soft and delicate. The songs are low-key and the best way to explain the mood is to say it is obviously influenced by Coldplay's "Parachutes". Although this CD is not exactly original or groundbreaking in any matter, and may blend into a sea of albums just like it, it is still not a bad listen. Good music and a sad tone to this album are about all that can be said about this. If you liked Coldplay's first album, you'd probably like this.

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