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Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day
Label: Beggars Banquet Us
Release: 1993

1. Sodajerk
2. I'm Allowed
3. Tree House
4. Would Not Be Denied
5. Latest Monkey
6. My Responsibility
7. Dry Land
8. Torch Singer
9. Late At Night
10. Suppose
11. Anything That Way
Big Red Letter Day - Buffalo Tom
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1993's Big Red Letter Day shows a "bigger" sound from Buffalo Tom. The band was getting money from their record company, and used their new funds to purchase a thicker production and even back-up singers on this album. Many fans believe they sold out after 1992's Let Me Come Over, but I think this album is great in its own way. It may not be as stripped-down as their previous releases, but it's a solid release.

Highlights include "Sodajerk" (which I'm sure you've heard on at least two or three commercials), and "Late At Night" (a song featured on the mid-90s teen drama My So Called Life).

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