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Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cold Roses
Label: Lost Highway
Release: 2005

Disc 1:
1. Mangolia Mountain
2. Sweet Illusions
3. Meadowlake Street
4. When Will You Come Back Home
5. Beautiful Sorta
6. Now That You're Gone
7. Cherry Lane
8. Mockingbird
9. How Do You Keep Love Alive

Disc 2:
1. Easy Plateau
2. Let It Ride
3. Rosebud
4. Cold Roses
5. If I Am A Stranger
6. Dance All Night
7. Blossom
8. Life Is Beautiful
9. Friends
Cold Roses - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
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The addition of a backing band only helps to add the the Americana vibes of Ryan Adams' 2005 release Cold Roses.

The album finds Mr. Adams at his lyric and musical best, with songs that are as beautiful as they are candid.

With stand-out tracks like "How Do You Keep Love Alive?" and "Sweet Illusions", this album further proves that Ryan Adams is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our generation.

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