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Pixies - Bossanova
Label: Elektra
Release: 1990

1. Cecilia Ann
2. Rock Music
3. Velouria
4. Alison
5. Is She Weird
6. Ana
7. All Over the World
8. Dig For Fire
9. Down to the Well
10. The Happening
11. Blown Away
12. Hang Wire
13. Stormy Weather
14. Havalina
Bossanova - Pixies
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Many people Pixies fans tend to ignore anything released after 1989's Doolittle (including the band themselves, who rarely play more than a handful of tracks from their last two studio albums). I've never understood this, because I believe the band was still making great music into the early 90s.

1990's excellent Bossanova is proof of this. While Kim Deal was busy with her new band, The Breeders, Black Francis was traveling around the United States gaining inspiration for this collection of songs about aliens, the supernatural, rock music, and everything in between.

The result is a hauntingly amazing album. "Dig for Fire" has a hook and chorus that could reel in even the most skeptical music fan, while "Alison" and "Velouria" just plain kick ass... as does the rest of the album.

So all you skeptics out there, give this album another chance. You'll be glad you did.

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