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Low - The Great Destroyer
Label: Sub Pop
Release: 2005

1. Monkey
2. California
3. Everbody's Song
4. Silver Rider
5. Just Stand Back
6. On the Edge Of
7. Cue the Strings
8. Step
9. When I Go Deaf
10. Broadway (So Many People)
11. Pissing
12. Death of a Salesman
13. Walk into the Sea
The Great Destroyer - Low
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On 2005's The Great Destroyer, Low actually turn up the volume..... slightly. Some long-time Low fans may be turned off by this, but I find the album to be excellent. Coming off like the strange bastard child of Joy Division and Yo La Tengo (I know it sounds strange, but it works), this album is dark yet beautiful.

My favorite tracks on the album are "Monkey" (quite possibly the catchiest song I've heard all year), "Step" (a bouncy rocker), and "Death of a Salesman" (lead singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk talks about trading in his guitar for a real job, but that at least the children are fed).

Although some long-time Low fans may think that by going "loud" Low have given in, but I believe the contrary. I think this album is just a preview of wonderful things to come.

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