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Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade (2005)
Label: Sub Pop
Release: 2005

Shine a Light
You are a runner and I am a fathers son
Disco Sheets
Lousy Pictures
Wolf Parade (2005) - Wolf Parade
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Since I heard it on the CBC sessions wolf parade did, oh those many months ago ‘Shine a light’ proudly stands at the top of my media players “most played” list with a glorious 63 plays. Hell, I even learned to play that motherfucker all by lonesome. I would stand around with my guitar in the back of my room just jamming and pretending I knew the lyrics at all of 2 in the morning… I’d venture to say that ‘shine a light’ was not just only one of my favorite Wolf Parade songs, but one of my favorite songs ever.

When I popped the new Wolf Parade EP into my machine and hit play, I was put off by the murky production and less energetic vocals of a song that used to propel me into dancing in my room. Now, to be absolutely fair, it probably has less to do with the actual quality of the studio version of the song and more to do with my attachment to the version from the CBC session. I guess that’s just the price you pay for being a loving fanboy, you can’t have your musical cake and eat it to. As it is, although the vocals are mixed a wee bit towards the middle and less energetic, the song is still fuckin’ fantastic.

The EP is fantastic, but what it lacks next to the previous EPs is the element of surprise and energy. Most of us EP collecting fans have already had and loved 3 out of the 4 of these songs for several months now (disco sheets is pretty fantastic for an outtake/ b-side though). For the fans already so familiar with these songs, I think we’ll find it difficult reacquainting ourselves with a new version and that’s where the sad fault lays, not in the songs or the production, but the “star wars trilogy special edition” factor. No fan wants their favorites fucked with, but it that’s what happens when something has to be introduced to a new audience, and it just may be liable to turn some folks off.

Regardless, this is a valiant and spectacular effort from the Parade boys that will turn heads and open hearts for new comers. And although it's just as strong as anything the Parade has yet to put out, it just might be lost on the already converted.

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