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Sights, The - The Sights
Label: New Line Records
Release: 2005

1) I'm Not Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song
2) Circus
3) Will I Be True
4) Scratch My Name In Sin
5) Backseat
6) Last Chance
7) Waiting On A Friend
8) Baby's Knocking Me Down
9) Just Got Robbed
10) Frozen Nose
11) Suited Fine
12) Good Way To Die/Stay With Me
The Sights - Sights, The
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Old school. Bands these days don't really have the fire of the gigantic rock monsters of old. In the recent years, no one has really rocked like AC/DC, written as elegantly as Bob Dylan, or has been as influential or original as The Beatles. Failing to realize that the reason why said bands made it so big was because they did not go with the grain, but created work that wasn't like anything in popular music at the time, many artists merely laze around and try to recreate something from the past. Clearly, The Sights are doing exactly that.

     The problem with this self-titled album is not a lack of talent. Neatly armed with catchy melodies, there are a few songs you'll find yourself humming along to. The main beef with the record is that by the time the first minute of a song passes, you pretty much already know how it's going to end. Listening to the album is similar to going to a movie where the ending streams across the screen in the form of subtitles in the middle of the showing.

     Clearly, The Beatles were amongst the preferred listening during this albums creation. "Waiting On A Friend," "Suited Fine," and "Backseat," reek of McCartney-Lennon influences. The thing that The Beatles' were able to grasp so brilliantly in their better days was to create instantly memorable choruses and to not overdo anything to the point of parody. The Sights do not share this talent, as choruses on this album are often immediately forgettable and musical jams consist of shoddy lead guitar and brutal overuse of organs.

     It's a shame really. Because beneath many of these songs you hear potential for something great. Unfortunately, the potential is never reached.

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