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Neon - Neon
Label: V2 Records
Release: 2005

A Man
Hit Me Again
Lapse in Conversation
Summer Rain
Happy Going Nowhere
People Inside
New Direction
All I Want
Into Your Eyes

Neon - Neon

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Neon (Josh Bitmead (guitar, vocals, and songwriter), Britt Spooner (bass), Jamie Gurney (drums, vocals)) is another good band riding in on the 'Aussie' wave along with Jet and The Vines from Broken Hill. The entire albums isn't a disappointment at all, it reminds me of music from the 90s grunge era. Amazingly they sound very similar to a rough/raw version of Oasis, which is excellent to hear a band of this caliber again on the airwaves. The single, 'Hit Me Again' is very strong and holds a lot of promise in the US market, it made the 50 fifty on the Australian Singles chart is 2004.

Note: We don't have a scan of the album cover yet, so I just found a swanky picture of the crew to use in the meantime. ;D

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