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U2 - The Joshua Tree
Label: Island Records
Release: 1987

1. Where the Streets Have No Name
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
3. With or Without You
4. Bullet the Blue Sky
5. Running to Stand Still
6. Red Hill Mining Town
7. In God's Country
8. Trip Through Your Wires
9. One Tree Hill
10. Exit
11. Mothers of the Disappeared
The Joshua Tree - U2
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The Band U2 couldn't have gone wrong with The Joshua Tree. This album, at times almost sounding demo-ish, holds more emotion and relevance than albums that are produced at a much more expensive and "bigger" sound. The songs themselves are so powerful enough to mock any big sound movement before, during and after this time in music history. With huge hits such as "with or without you", "I still haven't found what Iím looking for" and "where the streets have no name" set ground for what a band that took themselves seriously could accomplish without totally selling out and changing who they were at what they were about. The Musicianship shines greatly in this album, as Edge does some of his best and most interesting guitar work, Bono's vocals get a little more concentrated, and Clayton and Mullan do their own thing. The most impressive song on this CD isn't one of the top 40 classics we will remember for generations to come, but, in my opinion is "Bullet the Blue Sky". "Bullet" defines U2, the men, the music, the soul. It is an important and self-descriptive song that is littered with fine musicianship and vocals that seem to be the true essence of this band. This is a great album, and a pivotal moment in U2's career as the band that never seems to quit.

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