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Built to Spill - Keep It Like A Secret
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1999

The Plan
Centre Of The Universe
Carry The Zero
Bad Light
Time Trip
You Were Right
Temporarily Blind
Broken Chairs

Keep It Like A Secret - Built to Spill
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Doug Martsch, Bret Nelson, and Scot Plouf currently make up one of the most underrated bands of current times, named Built To Spill. Keep It Like A Secret is a great showcase of talent and originality that is sometimes left behind by the more mainstream acts of our generation. Musical powerhouse Doug Martsch leads up the band, handling vocals, guitar, keyboards, and even some percussion. With this much musical talent in just one member of the band, an album with just Doug would be excellent, but one must wonder what the result would be when his genius is joined together with two other members.

     Built To Spill doesn’t fail to impress on this album. Each song is thoroughly full; there is not one song that sounds empty or plain. Songs such as “Broken Chairs” “Time Trip” and “You Were Right” are full of all sorts of interesting instrumentation. And while Built To Spill are certainly no slouches when it comes to musicianship, Dough Martsch does an excellent job of singing (his voice mirrors that of Neil Young at some moments) and penning lyrics.

     The only two songs that don’t really match up to that of the sheer brilliance of the others are “Centre of The Universe” and “Sidewalk.” Other songs can drag on a minute or two too long due to interesting guitar solos that become flat out obnoxious after a while. Although the album does have it’s problems, it’s certainly not a reason to not look into it.

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