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Dandy Warhols, The - Welcome to the Monkey House
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 2003

1. Welcome To The Monkey House
2. We Used To Be Friends
3. Plan A
4. Wonderful You
5. Scientist
6. I Am Over It
7. The Dandy Warhols Love Almost Everyone
8. Insincere
9. The Last High
10. Heavenly
11. I Am Sound
12. Hit Rock Bottom
13. You Come In Burned

Welcome to the Monkey House - Dandy Warhols, The
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On their latest album, Welcome to the Monkey House, Portland's Dandy Warhols are obviously very proud of their influences. Just look at the album cover (Velvet Underground & Nico, anyone?).

But while the obvious influences that appeared on their previous albums are still present, Welcome to the Monkey House has a synth-based sound that reminds one of Duran Duran (which shouldn't be surprising considering Simon LeBon & Nick Rhodes both appear on the album).

Welcome to the Monkeyhouse is a great album that bounces over a variety of musical styles and genres, yet still seems unified due to it's trademark Dandys attitude.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are "Scientist" (a catchy mechanical sounding song featuring a sample of David Bowie's "Fashion), "The Last High" (Courtney's vocal range is amazing on this song), and "We Used to Be Friends".

This album is a must for people who miss the days when rock and roll was actually fun.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

The year was 2003, I was attending a David Bowie show with my parents and there was an opening band called The Dandy Warhols. I had not heard one bit of their music but I have a friend who is totally in love with them so I was slightly intrigued, although I wasn’t too excited about them opening because I was there to see Bowie. However, I had bought Welcome To The Monkey House for a friend for Christmas and it was in my hotel room and I didn’t have the slightest urge to listen to it. Five minutes before the Warhols were set to take the stage a great number of Bowie fans were still in the lobby of the venue, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, trying to kill time before it was Bowie’s set.

     The Dandy Warhols take stage, and an obviously stoned Courtney Taylor-Taylor says to the crowd ‘whoa, why’d you guys come so early?’ They then proceed to give the Wembley crowd around half an hour of brilliant music. By the end of their set I was standing up and clapping with the rest of the Warhol fans.

     Upon returning to my hotel room it was a struggle not to tear open the copy of ‘Welcome To The Monkey House’ I had purchased for my friend, so the next day I bought my own copy and was pleasantly surprised by how good of a record and how great of a band The Dandy Warhols were.

     Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Zia McCabe, Peter Loew, and Brent DeBoer make up this musical powerhouse. Each bringing their own attributes to the table, there is no clear leader of the band. Courtney Taylor-Taylor is an original guitarist with a voice that can change at any given moment, becoming high and funky on songs such as ‘Plan A’ and then becoming a dry grumble on ‘Hit Rock Bottom.’ Zia McCabe plays both bass and adds a lot of detail and beauty to the music on a keyboard. Her keyboard playing is a very essential part of the band seeing as none of the songs on this recording are bare essential rock songs bar the opening song ‘Welcome To The Monkey House’ which features Courtney, an electric guitar, and a bevy of humorous lyrics. Peter Loew adds a lot to the music with subtle guitar playing and keeping rhythm and Brent De Boer plays drums and adds very fitting back up vocals to Courtney’s already great singing.

     Their musical brilliance all comes together on the albums high point ‘You Were The Last High,’ a song of a past relationship that is aided by beautiful back up singing an and a chorus that is built to last. ‘I Am The Scientist’ is the only song on the album that isn’t a pleasure to listen to. It borrows a sample from David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ and features an annoying chorus. It is the only song on the album worth skipping. While other songs have parts that might be unpleasant or annoying, this is the only song that is worth disregarding in it’s entirety.

     As the years go by, The Dandy Warhols only grow in popularity, and it’s well deserved. In an industry where paychecks are handed over to those who copy and imitate, it is a breath of fresh air to see a truly original group become famous and still have integrity.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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