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Beck - Sea Change
Label: Geffen
Release: 2002

1. The Golden Age
2. Paper Tiger
3. Guess I'm Doing Fine
4. Lonesome Tears
5. Lost Cause
6. End Of The Day
7. It's All In Your Mind
8. Round The Bend
9. Already Dead
10. Sunday Sun
11. Little One
12. Side Of The Road

Sea Change - Beck
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Beck's ability to constantly reinvent himself with every album is beyond amazing. He can go from quirky white boy rap to alternative folk to quirky rock with the greatest of ease.

On 2002's Sea Change, Beck left the irony and quirkiness of his previous records behind and stripped down to acoustic ballads about love and loss.

The lyrics on this record are even more amazing. Anyone who has ever had a broken heart will be moved by such tracks as "Lost Cause" and "Already Dead".

This is Beck's best record and a true masterpiece of our generation.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

why such a low rating for such a critically acclaimed album?! well, this does not sound like beck. this sounds like any self obsessed singer song writing drowning his sorrow in way too much orchestration. this album is very pretty, but the songs all sound the same and this album is a major drag most of the time. another genre excercise from beck, but without the fun or experimentation of midnight vultures or even mutations an album with similar singer song writer stylings, but done in a variety of styles and differing instrumentation, to help you tell the songs apart. sure, none of his albums have had this deep of emotions, or this rich of a sound, but it all sounds a bit contrived, fake, a bit "BECK IS BAREING HIS SOUL LISTEN SHHH LISTEN HE"S BEING SERIOUS". he could have at least put interesting music behind it, it's all the same accoustic strumming, orchestra stuff. oh well.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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