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Doves - The Last Broadcast
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 2002

There Goes The Fear
M62 Song
Where We're Calling From
Friday's Dust
Last Broadcast
The Sulphur Man
Caught By The River
The Last Broadcast - Doves
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     With The Last Broadcast, Doves have produced a much more optimistic and energizing CD than their critically acclaimed debut, “Lost Souls”. The somber tone of the previous release is understandable considering the events preceding it. The band began as a dance band called Sub Sub. The band had one hit, and was expected produce more like it, which they did not; this resulted in poor response to the material. In 1996, their studio burnt down, resulting in the loss of 3 years of worth of recordings. On top of that, their manager died suddenly in 1999. This convinced the band to change their musical direction, and eventually become Doves.
Besides differences in the overall atmosphere of the albums, the Doves also begin to expand the boundaries of where their music can go with their latest release. In addition to the band’s unique blend of rock, the new album sports an impressive array of musical genres. Classical influences can be heard through the strings on songs such on “N.Y.”, “Words”, & “The Sulphur Man”, and through a clarinet on “Friday’s Dust”. Doves also utilize jazz and choral textures on some songs. The first single, “There Goes The Fear” even includes a touch a Brazilian samba during the song’s intense outro.
Furthermore, the diversity of sound of the album becomes clear when you compare, for example, the earth-shattering rhythms on the magnificent second single, “Pounding” to the lo-fi, acoustic based “M62 Song”; the latter is an adaptation of the King Crimson song, “Moonchild”. The song also gets its namesake from the highway that runs above the studio in which it was recorded. Other examples include “Where We’re Calling From”, a sprawling choral instrumental which gradually rises in intensity to the song’s finish. In contrast, there is the third single, “Caught By The River”. From the first note, you are sent on a melodic journey, being swept by the current of wave after wave of musical instruments. Just as your ears are saturated with sound, the music begins to wind down and you calmly reach the shore.
The Last Broadcast is full of songs that energize the body and soothe the soul. It is a musical masterpiece, and is without a doubt, one of the best albums of 2002.

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