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Metallica - Load
Label: Elektra
Release: 1996

01. Ain't My Bitch
02. 2 x 4
03. The House Jack Built
04. Until It Sleeps
05. King Nothing
06. Here Of The Day
07. Bleeding Me
08. Cure
09. Poor Twisted Me
10. Wasting My Hate
11. Mama Said
12. Thorn Within
13. Ronnie
14. The Outlaw Torn
Load - Metallica
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Outta my way
Outta my day
Out of your mind and into mine

Into no one
Into not one
Into your step but out of time

This is the way Metallica starts out their first album in five years, "Load." It describes the era pretty well. Metallica was changing. Their lives were more and more in the public than ever, and as a result, their songs started to become more and more emotional. The only problem with this is, that a lot of people didn't like it much. As for me? Well I love it. I think that "Load" and it's sequel "ReLoad," are two of Metallica's best albums. On "Load," songs like, "Until It Sleeps" and "Thorn Within" remind me a lot of their previous album, the self-titled, multi-platinum, "Metallica." As for "Load" itself, it comes with over a 30-page booklet, and a tracklist containing 14 songs (the most of any of their albums, up to that point.) The highlights of this album are:

Ain't My Bitch
The House That Jack Built
Until It Sleeps (single)
King Nothing (single)
Hero Of The Day (single)
Bleeding Me
Wasting My Hate
Mama Said (single)
The Outlaw Torn

"The Outlaw Torn" is my favourite ALL-TIME song. Not only by Metallica, not only for rock, but my favourite ever. It's 10 minutes of perfection make it the biggest highlight of this album. If you're looking for something a little softer, but with that hard Metallica edge, this is a great buy. If you're not? BUY IT.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

This album is not Metallica of old, far from it actually. You have to remember when this album was released, Grunge had taken over the scene and destroyed everything that was metal. This album is a direct result of Metallica's realization that they were the last so-called metal band left in a world of grunge. The idea here was that Metallica needed to change their sound in order to cash in on this grunge wave. Unfortunately, the only thing that they did with this album was alienate most of their loyal fans....yes..even the "black album/top 40" fans.
As far as the album, I thought this album was ok. There wasn't anything particularly bad with it. However, when listening to this album, my only advise to you is to keep in mind that this is not metal, nor does it resemble anything that Metallica has done in the past...yes....including the "Black Album." IN closing, this album is a pretty decent album for Pearl Jam....NOT Metallica.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Instead of Load, this album should be called Load of Crap.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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