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New Order - Technique
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1989

01. Fine Time
02. All The Way
03. Love Less
04. Round And Round
05. Guilty Partner
06. Run
07. Mr. Disco
08. Vanishing Point
09. Dream Attack
Technique - New Order
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In this album you start to see New Order coming out of the techno-dance phase and more into the pop-rock era of the 90's. They were insturmental in this process, and people seem to forget it.

"Technique" is probably my favouite New Order album, mainly because it contains many of my personal favourites, and the album, as a whole, is amazing. Every song is unique, and it's hard to compare one song to another.

Unfortunately, a lot of people from the United States missed out on this album when it came's highest chart position was number 32. In the United Kingdom, though, it reached number one easily, and spent many weeks atop the charts.

The only negative part about this album is it's shortness. I really wish they'd added some of the b-sides from the sessions onto the album. A lot of them deserved it.

This is one of New Order's best albums, and one of my all time favourite albums by any band. It may not appeal as much to the average person, but if you love New Order, and you don't own this, get it today. I guarentee your happiness with the album, and everything about it.

The albums standout songs are:
Fine Time
All The Way
Round And Round
Vanishing Point
Dream Attack

Reviewer Rating of CD :

This record makes me want to wear my hair in bangs, lose 20 pounds and strut around in tight pants. Not only is it great synth-pop but even those less enamoured with the 80s should enjoy the articulate beats and rhythms of New Order at their best. Vanishing Point is my favourite track.

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