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Eels - Shootenanny!
Label: Dreamworks Records
Release: 2003

All In a Day's Work
Saturday Morning
The Good Old Days
Love of the Loveless
Dirty Girl
Rock Hard Times
Restraining Order Blues
Lone Wolf
Wrong About Bobby
Numbered Days
Fashion Awards
Somebody Loves You

Shootenanny! - Eels
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The 12th track on Shootenanny!, the fifth album from The Eels states "We'll blow off our heads in despair." By looking at this line without hearing the album (and not being familiar with The Eels' previous recordings) one might think they are coming from the mouth of another over-tattooed white trash fool from the suburbs fronting a nu metal act.

But upon actually listening to the record, one would found out how wrong they are. Shootenanny! is about as nu metal as Chicken McNuggets are chicken. It's an ecclectic mix of alternative pop rock that takes you on a journey through the mind of eccentric frontman "e"'s creative mind.

From the Dandy Warhol-esque indie pop grooves of "Saturday Morning" to the Sea Change-era Beck melodic folk of "The Good Old Days", this album is one of the most creative and utterly beautiful records of 2003.

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