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My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1988

soft as snow (but warm inside)
lose my breath
cupid come
(when you wake) you're still in a dream
no more sorry
all i need
feed with with your kiss
several girls galore
you never should
nothing much to lose
i can see it (but i can't feel it)
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i'm stretching my indie muscles today! *stretch* yawn. any ways this is a really good album. in some ways it's better than the later loveless, as it's more diverse, yet its' nto as mindblowing as that one. so four and a half stars it is. kevin shields colors his fairly normal pop song writing ability (i say normal because he writes songs mostly in the pop format) and colors them with excessive yet beautiful feedback. where most bands either use feedback to be noisey, or just lazily use it to sound "bad ass" kevin uses it to make shimmering waves of beauty. this album is in many ways the first try at loveless, and yet it's not just "loveless v.o1." it has it's own identity, and you can actually tell what hte singers say at certain points!!! the album on a whole is pretty sleepy sounding, which is fine. it's a good album to just chill out to. if you have loveless, and love it buy this. you might be slightly let down by the lack of mind blow, but the pretty melodies should help. if not go listen to fucking shit i don't know, sweet 76 or something.

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