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Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1973

Speak To Me / Breathe
On The Run
The Great Gig In The Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage
Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
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Hello. Welcome to Dark Side of the Moon review #642442477247247247. Thanks for stopping by.

Little really needs to be said about this album. "Dark Side of the Moon" doesn't really need an introduction - this 1973record has sold millions upon millions, and is generally regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time. Like most albums who recieve that sort of status, it is (to me) a little overrated, but that doesn't mean that it's not great.

There's no real need to comment on the songs - after all, you can't move for classic rock radio standards - "Breathe", "Time", "Money", "The Great Gig In The Sky", "Brain Damage"...pretty much everything here (well, bar "On the Run") has been playedso many millions of times that they don't really need to be discussed in full. Although, they're all pretty much great. Overplayed, but great nevertheless. "Breathe" is a decent piece of psych - little more, but a good introduction to thealbum. "Time" is a Floyd classic, with it's signature clock opening, great solo, and general brilliance.

"The Great Gig In The Sky" is the best part here, bar none. Clare Tory's howls rank amongst the best moments on the album. An absolute wonder to listen to, and an outstanding vocal work. It's also an outstanding piece for mood - it's not just Clare Tory that makes this - it couldn't do without those piano chords and the subtle guitar fills. What a piece - it's actually probably my call for best work on the album. An absolute wonder to listen to, and a good way to close out side 1. "Money" starts off side 2, and is a pretty good song, with an extremely catchy (and of course, immensely well-known)bassline. Not as good as some of the others, but still a great song.

"Us and Them" is probably the second best work on here, with it's great, dreary verses and a soaring chorus - the lyrics aregenerally decent too, despite them being another Waters lament for his father who died in the war. "Any Colour You Like" isone of the lesser moments on the album - it serves it's job of linking "Us and Them" to "Brain Damage", but there's littleof huge interest within, bar the opening Wright lines. Not bad - not nearly as good as "Great Gig In The Sky", but not aspointless as the earlier "On the Run", which is a bit of a time-waster.

Into the final straight, and "Brain Damage" is another piece of PF psychedelia. Overall, it's better than "Breathe" - there's a lovely, signature PF melody, and a great chorus section. And then the whole thing closes out with "Eclipse", afitting conclusion to the whole piece. The concept generally flows pretty well - there's not that many wasted moments.

Overall, i'll give it an 8. The album's just brought down a bit by a few lesser moments, like "On the Run". Although generally, it's a great album. Worthy of anybody's collection! (Although chances are, you've already joined the 30 millionor so in the world who already have this somewhere in your racks). Great album.

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