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Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 2002

In My Place
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
Green Eyes
Warning Sign
A Whisper
A Rush of Blood to the Head
A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
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Just who do Coldplay think they are? The band of four unknown lads from England stormed the UK and the US in 2000 with their freshman album "Parachutes," thanks to the album's highly successful "stars-shine-for-you" surprise hit single, "Yellow." Not only a chart success, "Parachutes" earned the band a Best Alternative Album Grammy Award. The reality of Coldplay's peers has been much harsher on this side of the Atlantic. While most British bands work for years to attain any form of commercial success in America, Coldplay immediately had the welcome mat dusted off for them on the way to a deal with Capitol Records and a secure spot on the US Top 40 charts. And faster than you can say "Radiohead," they're back, debuting on the Billboard Top 10 with their beautiful and stoic second album, "A Rush of Blood to the Head," disproving all previous one-hit wonder premonitions made by legions of frustrated rock critics. In fact, Coldplay has given the press something to cheer about. "Rush" shines as a post-Brit Rock triumph. It takes off where "Parachutes" landed, and explores dream swept rock territories not touched on the first album. Where "Parachutes" lacked a cohesive structure, the songs on "Rush" come together to form a sonic concept in minor chords. The album is a whole unit, not individually packaged hits and misses.

The album starts out strongly with the piano driven "Politik," which is reminiscent of early Radiohead with an openly politically-aware agenda. The chorus is beautiful and wanting as the pouty lipped lead singer Chris Martin pleads, "Open up your eyes." "Rush's" first single "In My Place," follows. It could easily be dubbed "Yellow Part II" in structure, but it has layers of maturity that are audible beyond the limited nature of the band's signature song. The next track, "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" is sad irony at it's best; lush, fluent, with tear-in-your-Guinness arrangement.

The momentum swings down for the next three songs, as they become hard to discern from each other. This is the only weakness on "Rush." "The Scientist," "Clocks," and "Daylight" meld together in psychedelic sadness which is reserved for only the listeners' lowest of times. Although, the songs rise above even the best of "Parachutes'" songs with strong lyrical metaphors for time and space.

The standout tracks on the album go to "Green Eyes" and "Warning Sign," which boast proud melodies of malcontent and yearning for love. Martin's sorrowful vocals glide through all the way to the finale "Amsterdam," a death conscious number that leaves the listener hanging, waiting to see what direction Coldplay will take next. From this point, it is hard to imagine that they will ever be able to top themselves.

No matter who Coldplay think they are, the record buying public and the music media are shelling out praise, while the band is headlining concerts all over the U.S. For now, hope that Coldplay's blood keeps rushing to their heads.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Right off the bat, in the song "Politik," you can see just how far Coldplay has come from their last major record, "Parachutes." "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" is a masterpiece, a record that every person in the world should own. Every song is brilliant, and perfect. There have already been four singles off the album, and there are likely to be more. "In My Place," "The Scientist," "Clocks," and "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" are all radio classics by now. If you don't get this album, no matter what kind of music you like, you will be missing out greatly. The CD couldn't have been better, and all 11 songs have become, in my mind, some of my favourite songs ever. The highlights of the CD (if you must say that some songs are better than others) include:
"God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"
"The Scientist"
"A Rush Of Blood To The Head"

The album does contain my all time favourite Coldplay song as well, "Daylight." If you're interested in finding an amazing album full of amazing tracks, then getting this album would be nothing but an obvious idea.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

i read a review of this band on and it was really quite a good review. it made me laugh hard. it was also one hundred percent true. this album is one of the worst albums i've ever heard. muddled piano playing, DAVE MATTHEWS type singing (mumbling, singing no melody, this is emotional duh) and songs that all sound the same and smell the same: like a cheesey stink log of doom. the strokes are better than this nonsense and i fucking hate the strokes more than i hate myself.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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