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Queen - A Night At The Opera
Label: EMI Records
Release: 1975

Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To)
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
I'm In Love With My Car
You're My Best Friend
Sweet Lady
Seaside Rendeverous
Prophet's Song
Love Of My Life
Good Company
Bohemian Rhapsody
God Save The Queen
A Night At The Opera - Queen
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For some reason I decided to review this album and it's strange I haven't listened to this album in forever. Nevertheless it's pretty good: I think?

That's the main rub: I go this cuz it was supposed to be the pinacle of Queen's career (and it was one of the only Queen albums I could find, heh). But if this is the pinacle I'm disappointed with queen cuz admist some really top rate songs there's a few disappointing duds. I'll fish them out of the pool with my bear hands (I am a horrible mutant!) and tell them to you before I talk about some of the pure genius that follows later.

Roger Taylor is often ridiculed because of his crap songs. I dunno, I like some of his songs I've heard on the greatest hits, but his song on here "I'm in love with my car" is stupid. Really stupid, stupid behind mortal comprehension. Look, I have nothing against stupid fun songs about cars. Fuck dude I love the beach boys. It has to be backed by fun memoroable music, on they said this was a highlight and a fun song, no way. The music is really slow power massed vocals are definitely pointless, but on here they're way out of place) and dumb lyrics about wanting to fuck his car poor. Personally, I love his song "Sheer heart attack" cuz it's uh punk or something, but that's for another album.

Wow, I spent a long time on that song and I hate it. I'll spend less time on songs I like eh makes no sense, on with the hoe!

"Sweet lady" is a lot like "I'm in love with my car" but it seems to be about fucking a girl instead of a car and it's a little faster but still boring.

There's a stupid guitar solo called "God save the queen" that ends the album. Stupid, why did so many (maybe 3) bands do this at the end of their albums? I can think of (3) that did: Gentle Giant, Queen, and the John Lennon Experience, stupid.

Actually, that's about it for songs I hate. Most of the songs are good on here, but not really powerhouse knock outs. Examples include, "Seaside rendevous", "lazing on a sunday afternoon", and "Good company" (thank god it's not bad) cute little songs, but not really mind blowing. I like them but eh what you gonna do? fuck me?

Next are the beautiful ballads which are probably better than the rock songs cuz Queen was a more ballad band than rocking band (even though metal heads love Queen even though Freddy was gay but Rob Halford is gay and they love Judas Priest, hypocrites) "Love of my life" is a very nice song, highlighted by beautiful singing by the man Mercury (oh yeah I didn't mention Freddy is a brilliant singer, who can sing any style, and has an amazingly lovely voice, and writes genius vocal arrangments, usually). Then I love the "You're my best friend" epic (4 minutes) written by John Deacon bass player guy who was just sorta there. He actually wrote their biggest hit "Another one bites the dust" which is just a bass line that I think he stole from Funkadelic. but I digress again. It's a lovely song to his wife (this guy didn't party hard) graced with some nice electric piano. Good vocal harmonines none completely retarded lyrics, and uh well I didn't have another point but I already typed and so I kept going. and '39 is a brian may sung beauty that is on accoustic or mandolin or something and it's a beautiful song about something so stupid as some guy flying at the speed of light for awhile, then coming back and he's in THE FUTURE! Brian May understood the theory of relativity and he wanted to brag about it, oh well. It has a great melody (though stolen from Bob Dylan I'm heard, which means it's of course stolen from robert Johnson or some crap).

Oh yeah there's actually one good pure rocker on here called "Death on two legs (dedicated to)" actually, this is an excellent way to start the album cuz Freddy is all (faking) being pissed off and he does it so well. I put that faking in the parentheses, I should probably mention probably 100% or so of all Queen's output is completely emotionless. They have no emotion behind it. Well, except for those songs Greddy wrote about dying of AIDS and sang the vocals on his death bed so they could be over dubbed on so the band could make some money. Thats's what this band was all about. It kicks lots of ass (the song I mean) and it features the immortal (to me) line "And know you can kiss my ass *zip* goodbye" which of course is gay innuendo cuz Freddy was gay.

Of course there's the two epics. I'll talk about prophet's song first cuz it's weaker but longer. Honestly, this is mostly just slow dull metal for a lot of it, but Freddy does this amazing vocal overdubbing middle section that's actually really stupid and doesn't go with the song at all, but it sounds so amazing (honestly, it sounds like about 50 Freddy's singing all at once but out of time with each other?! It's hard to explain so just download the 30 second middle section off the internet like it's probably not possible to do).

Then there's "Bohemian rhapsody", a song so brilliant you've heard it a million times so I'm not even going to talk about it.

All in all a pretty good album though in retrospect it seems like I've been kind of mean to it. Queen is just dumb entertainment and it's fun! Although the band is complete geniuses in music (truly, they pull off some weird shit) they're just entertainment and that's that. Buy it okay? Poor Brian may had to play "We will (this song sucks) rock you" with a boy band to make some money! Give him money so he doesn't have to do that any more please thanks.

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