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Genesis - Invisible Touch
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1986

invisible touch
tonight, tonight, tonight
land of confusion
in too deep
anything she does
throwing it all away
the brazilian
Invisible Touch - Genesis
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wow i'm reviewing Genesis oh no! Run everybody! Phil Collins aaaaagh!!!! now, growing up i of course heard the pop stylings of this style of Genesis before i heard the prog side that blake already reviewed in depth. so this is the pop side...

wait come back!!! i can assure you you've more than likely heard five songs on this album if you're over 18. and you hate them. which is understandable the songs are very commercial and phil collins is uh, annoying a lot of the time.

BUT see, these guys were probably the best 80's pop band. it's a shame they stopped being so exploratory in the 80's...

WAIT! there's some weird songs on this album. first the extended middle section of hte single tonight tonight tonight. it makes the song 9 minutes long which helps uh weird it up i guess. then, there's domino which seems to be a succesful attempt at dance prog that i find kind of cool. it's long which i guess is prog...

next the best song off the album and it's instrumental. strange how the best song doesn't feature phil singing hehehe. weird percussion, and a strange keyboard riff propell this song into actually being the best Genesis instrumental. it sounds like a robot talking...

oh of course the album has in too deep and throwing it all away. dull, generic phil collins albums with no redeeming qualities. or are they? yeah they are especially in too deep mostly cuz that video is so annoying with phil sitting at the keyboard, but it's also crap cuz the song is based on like two chords or something and it's so cheesy i get drunk (on wine get it). throwing it all away is better, it's a bit more cleverly constructed and features a sort of catharic "throwing it all away" chorus by phil the boomer. heh, it's still not that great though.

the last songs i'm goign to review are invisible touch and land of confusion which are both quite clever rock songs propelled forward by a synth tone that screams "crap" that i don't mind cuz i lived through the 80's, i listened to the music and i don't mind it. and some dumb song with horns called anything she does that was a hit in beruit or some crap.

buy it if you like good pop music from the 80's cuz seriously this is about as creative as pop music (of course i KNOW of the many wonderfully amazing underground rock bands i'm speaking stricly pop) in the 80's got. it's actually amazing to hear how much this band has changed throughout their career. memories. but phil collins sucks dicks and peter gabriel is a genius bye!

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