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Smashing Pumpkins, The - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 1995

Disc: 1

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Tonight, Tonight
Here Is No Why
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
To Forgive
An Ode to No One
Cupid de Locke
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
Take Me Down

Disc: 2

Where Boys Fear to Tread
In the Arms of Sleep
Tales of a Scorched Earth
Thru the Eyes of Ruby
We Only Come Out at Night
Lily (My One and Only)
By Starlight
Farewell and Goodnight

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins, The
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Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness is a phoenix, a masterpiece of alternative rock, and the height of a band that became even bigger than they imagined. When it came out, Billy Corgan said "this album is the end of the smashing pumpkins as the world knows them". Well, what a way to go out. 28 songs, 2 discs and over 2 hours long, it captures everything the Pumpkins are. It's also the first album where everyone in the band had a generous portion of the music themselves. This was the idea of new producer Flood, who wanted to bring the band in a totally different recording technique. Corgan's lyrics have never been better, his voice, however, flaws some of the songs on this album. Every song carrys it's own weight, and unlike other double albums, this album isn't a concept album. The only concept is rock, and rock hard. Although It doesn't stop at rock, though. We have some very beautiful songs on here, such as "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans", "Thirty-three", "By starlight", "Beautiful", and "Farewell and goodnight", which was the last track on the album, and like "Luna" on siamese dream, is almost like a goodbye song. This is the album made them uber famous, and keeps them that way to this day, even though they are disbanded. Everyone knows "Tonight, Tonight", "1979" and "Bullet with Butterfly wings", and if you don't you should know those and the 25 other songs on this, the best selling alternative double album of all time.

Highlights = Porcelina of the Vast Oceans, Thru the Eyes of Ruby, An ode to no one, Muzzle
Drawbacks = In the Arms of Sleep, Tales of a Scorched Earth, Love.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

This 1995 double album could have been a classic. It could have been the greatest statement that this band ever made. Itcould have been a truly fantastic record...if it wasn't for just one small glitch. IT'S TOO GOD-DAMNED LONG. As far aslength goes, this album takes the cake - two cd's, both coming in at over an hour. Not as bad as "Emancipation" by Prince,but still pretty damn bad - there is no way that an album should need this sort of time to get it's message across.

Anyway, this is a concept album - generally about a day in the life of us all. A concept that had already been done a lotbetter than this come '95 (read: Moody Blues's 1967 classic "Days of Future Passed"). The theme does fit, at least. But itdidn't need 28 songs. This is a shame - take several songs off of each CD and you're left with one CD, fit for classic status. As it is, you're left with some classics, but a big chunk of filler.

It would take too long to discuss every last one of the 28 songs in detail, so i'll just list the good songs here.

From Disc 1:

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness / Tonight, Tonight / Zero / Here Is No Why / To Forgive / Cupid De Locke / Galapagos/ Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

From Disc 2:

Bodies / Thirty-Three / In The Arms of Sleep / 1979 / Thru The Eyes of Ruby / Stumbleine / Beautiful / By Starlight / Farewell and Goodnight

There, 17 good, solid cuts. For the most part, it's the softer side of the Pumpkins that wins out - songs like theincredible singles "Tonight, Tonight" and "1979", "Galapagos", "To Forgive", etc. all rank amongst the cream of the crop.There's a couple of rockers thrown in good measure - ignore the angsty lyrics of "Zero" and "Bodies", and you're left with2 excellent rockers. And we also get 2 excellent stabs at epics - "Porcelina..." and especially "Thru The Eyes of Ruby"are both fully deserving of lengthy running times.

Most of the others are basically either mediocre, bad, or throwaway. Other rockers such as "Jellybelly", "Fuck You (An Odeto No One)", "Where Boys Fear To Tread" and "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" are nowhere near the two best rockers. Not to mention the two hideous rocking nightmares on Side 2 - "Tales of A Scorched Earth", and perhaps the worst song the band ever made, the horrendous, seven-minute "X.Y.U" - that song is absolutely atrocious. Others are basically bland - the dull "Love", the unmemorable "Muzzle", and the various throwaway experimentations - "We Only Come Out At Night" and "Lily (My One And Only)".

Overall, the album gets 5 - it's split halfway between good and bad. But it could have been one million times better - withsome good editing, the record could have easily got a 9. But Billy had to let himself go - although it didn't hurt the album sales, seeing as this record pulled in about 10 million. But still - not his best moment. 5.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

career defining in many ways. it's pretentious. but it's a nerdy kind of pretentiouness that isn't as annoying as machina. it's a double album, their commercial peak. it's the song writing peak of corgan so far, as like there's a full album worth of good stuff on here!!!@#!@#@!

too bad there's a full album of bad stuff.

plus, 1979, the biggest hit on the album steals it's riff from "what's going on" by husker du. seriously, listen to it. i couldn't believe it, but it's almost exactly the same except billy's is over produced to make it safe for angst consumption, and husker du's boils over in gay rage.

dorky experiments backfire and make me laugh and stuff.

the best song is tonight tonight a truly moving song that's even good in the acoustic version. the acoustic version made me cry. the best song he ever wrote? i dunno. perhaps.

don't crucify me okay? we all have our own opinions. if you want to read butt kissing reviews of your favorite bands, then write some.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness...the best selling Virgin double album ever, and there is more than good reason... 28 songs of brilliance. I will rate each album seperately, though Billy probably wouldn't approve, because they really are supposed to be thought of as one album.

Disc I. Dawn To Dusk
This album is my less favourite of the two, but most people's favourite. There were three singles and one promo off this album alone, including "Bullet With Butterfly Wings," "Tonight, Tonight," "Zero," and "Muzzle." Many parts of this album are still on the radio everyday, even 8 years after it's release. God, time flies... Anyhow, the album in my opinion, gets an 8, because there are some weaker songs, like, "Jellybelly," and "Love."

Disc II. Twilight To Starlight
This album is brilliant, almost every song through it. The two singles off the album, "1979," and "Thirty-Three" were both huge, and "1979" became questionably the Pumpkins most popular song. Billy said that "Dawn To Dusk" was more of a traditional Pumpkins album, while "Twilight To Starlight" was very different, and this is very true. Never again did they ever release anything like "Lily (My One And Only)" or "Beautiful."

All in all, this album (claiming it again as one album again) is excellent, and for many people, their favourite Pumpkins album. It's not something you should buy, it's something that if you don't buy...well, you should just climb into a little corner and stay there for your whole life. Heh, just kidding. It's a great album, pick it up.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is one of my favorite CDs. I love both discs (dawn to dusk; twilight to starlight) very much, even though there are some lows. Disc 1 is not my favorite, but is filled with ass kicking songs like Zero, Tonight Tonight, Here is No Why, and Jellybelly, and slow burners like Porcelina and Galapagos. The main fault of this disc is Love, with Bullet with Butterfly Wings as a close second. And the James song Take Me Down is so silly in my opinion, its humourous. Overall, disc one gets a 6 1/2.

Disc 2 is fabulous. I love all of the songs, except for Tales of a Scorched Earth. XYU (aka Ex, Why You) is a kind of annoying song, but it is sort of amusing. All the other tracks are great, like Bodies, 33, ITAOS, 1979, Lily, and Stumbeline. My favorite track on this disc is by far, Farewell and Goodnight. It's a great song, featuring lyrics by all of the band members (yes, that INCLUDES jimmy). Jimmy, hun, stick to drumming. Singing is not your fortay. I love how the last piano part is a reprise of the first track on DtoD.

I give this disc a 10.

So all in all, this is a pretty rocking CD. I have to give it an 9 because all of the great songs are soooooooooooo great that you tend to forget about the crap, and i just think the pumpkins rocked.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I've got to say that this is the most perfect sounds of music I have ever been blessed to be able to hear. Every song is unbelievably beautiful. I've yet to find a flaw in any of these great songs. Each song is so original and unique from the rest, you never know what you'll hear next (unless you've listened to this cd). And the song "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans" is probably the greatest song ever (probably). I say that everyone should own this cd. It's got at least one song for everyone on it, since there are so many styles of music on it. So anyway, buy this cd now, hurry, you're wasting precious time.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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