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Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1972

Thick as A Brick

Thick As A Brick - Jethro Tull
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heh a forty minute song. what the fuck? any ways, this is a pretty good progressive composition featuring lots of flute, accoustic guitar, electric guitar...

is it just me or is jethro tull not a very good progressive rock band? oh sure THIS album is a complete masterwork but all progressive stuff they did after that? crap. well, a passion play is passable but not that great. jethro tull was best when concentrating on what they did best: avant guarde sound collages.

seriously, this is a really good song/album. but of course, the song could have been split into several extremly good songs and it would have been just as good. but then you lose the impact of the "oh oh i jsut listened to a forty minute song i'm elite and intelligent!" the good part abou tthis album are the catchy themes and stupid lyrics. the stupid lyrics make you laugh, the catchy themes make you think. seriously, ian anderson is an amazing flute player. how'd he do that? it's fun just to listen to his flute playing (especially when the flute is going and he's singing at the same time, he he he!). but the guitar work of martin barre is great too (later he'd become boring, but here he plays full throttle with all his passion he can muster) and teh drumming, keyboarding, and bass playing are all solid, if not wonderful. of course, being jethro tull this is all ian's show and he doesn't let you down: beautiful accoustic playing, rugged singing of lyrics like "the poets and the thinkers, no allowance for the others, as the fading lights illuminate the mercanaies creed" give new meaning to the words "hahaha!" and very good production. this album is the best produced tull album i've ever heard, their earlier albums were murky as were some later ones, but on this one the song writing, playing, and production merges to create a wonderful, if meaningless sonic experience. just please don't try to make sense of the lyrics. there is none.

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