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Beatles, The - The Beatles (The White Album)
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1968

Disc One

Back in The Ussr
Dear prudence
Glass Onion
Ob-la-di Ob-la-da
Wild Honey Pie
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
While my Guitar Gently Weeps
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Martha My Dear
I'm So Tired
Black Bird
Rocky Racoon
Don't Pass Me By
Why Don't We Do It In the Road
I Will

Disc Two

Yer Blues
Mother Nature's Son
Everybodies Got Something to Hide (except for me and my monkey)
Sexie Sadie
Helter Skelter
Long Long Long
Revolution Ine
Honey Pie
Savoy Truffle
Cry Baby Cry
Revolution #9
Good Night
The Beatles (The White Album) - Beatles, The
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wow now THIS is an album. a sprawling double album masterpiece. not the first double album in rock (as far as i know it was blonde on blonde by bob dylan, which is now on single disc, but i digress) but it's easily the best (mellon collie be damned!).

what makes this so good? well, it's just the damned finest band at their damned finest songs! Seriously, i love all the beatles albums, but something about this one is just amazing. the sound is great for one thing: this is not a dated sound. one of the problems with sgt. pepper and magical mystery tour (especially that one) is that the psychadelic/music hall style they have dates them into that silly period from 1967-68. this album is a return to the guitar rock that they do so well.

another thing that makes this album great is the ecletism. insane amounts of styles are tried on this album, more styles than any other album by any other band (sandinista comes close, but that was three albums...) want beach boys influenced rock? you got it, and on the first song, back in the ussr! country? the much maligned ballad of bungalow bill (which i love) is on here too! perverted ditties? why don't we do it in the road? no seriously why don't we?

beautiful ballads abound. "dear prudence" rips a guitar line off a song by the who which is fine cuz the who ripped it off a few years later for imagine a man on the who by numbers album. but it's beautiful,a nd features wonderful harmonies. julia? sometimes it can make me cry, and very few songs do that!

want hard rock? well, you have helter skelter. admittely, this song is pretty uh, poorly thought out (for the beatles) drunk sounding, and not as hard as i thought it once was. but it features waves of feedback and a great bass line by sir paul. and the best line on any beatles song "i got blisters on my fingers!" nice.

followed immediately by a fucked up george harrison song. it's so quiet it's hard to tell if anything is going on. weird...

speaking of george, he does FOUR songs on this album which is a blessing for me cuz more george is better george for me. while my guitar gently weeps is the best song on the damn album though piggies and savoy truffle are hilarious and biting satires.

i'm NOT going into every song cuz that would take all day. just to illustrate the wide range of this album i'm going to describe the last three songs. cry baby cry is a strange kind of shuffle ballad maybe part country i'm not sure with really weird vocals by john lennon. sounds like a jazz song maybe? i'm not sure. next is the infamous revolution #9 one of the first instances of sound collaging on a rock album (i know sound collaging is older than rock music: i just said sound collaging on a ROCK album, or a pop album which ever you prefer. it's pretty daring i guess in a stupid way). it's not really ground breaking, or even the best sound collage i've ever heard, but it's interesting and a strange way to end the album.

THAT IS if it wasn't for the beautiful ringo sang (!) string ladden ballad good night. it's the perfect way to end the album, it's truly very lovely.

if you're interested in starting a beatles collection seriously start here. everything that made them great (experimentation, great singing, song writing, playing, great diversity) is completely maximized on here. the only weaknesses could possibly be the "filler" tracks which are cute. buy it today even if you have to morgage your dog!

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