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Live - Four Songs EP
Label: MCA Records
Release: 1991

Operation Spirit
Good Pain
Heaven Wore a Shirt

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I'll bet the first to admit that Live sucks lately. Hell... they've sucked since 1997.

But when they were just starting out, they were a great band. This is very evident on their first major label release.... 1991's Four Songs EP.

Emotional college rock with lyrics that actually make sense. That's how I'd describe this EP. From the spiritual ranting of "Operation Spirit" to the lustful grooves of "Heaven Wore a Shirt" this is an EP for people who want to hear the real Live. The good Live.

Although "Operation Spirit" and "Good Pain" are also included on Live's full length debut Mental Jewelry which was released later that year, "Heaven Wore a Shirt" and "Negation" are good enough songs that I would recommend both albums.

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