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Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier
Label: Sony
Release: 1980

Dog Eat Dog
Los Rancheros
Feed Me To The Lions
Press Darlings
Ants Invasion
Killer In The Home
Kings of the Wild Frontier
The Magnificent Five
Don't Be Square (Be There)
Jolly Roger
Physical (You're So)
The Human Beings
Kings of the Wild Frontier - Adam and the Ants
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A great album, full of irresistible, catchy songs. What you'd basically expect from Adam and the Ants - horrendously catchy rhythms and melodies, and of course, a standout man at the front in Adam Ant himself, with his painted face jumpingright out of you on the front cover. Adam Ant is a great frontman, with a very expressive voice - he's also a great showman.You can almost see him jumping around at the front as you listen to this record!

The album starts with the great hit, the rumbling Dog Eat Dog, before giving way to one of the best songs on the whole album- the blinding "Ant Music". As bouncy and catchy as hell, with a fantastic chorus - featuring the signature Adam and theAnts double drum sound. You can try and not bounce your foot to the beat, but you'll find it pretty damn tricky. Great number. There's also a really nice, catchy little guitar solo in the middle. The title of "best song on the album" though,goes straight to "Ants Invasion", a great song on the first side. It openswith a kick-ass guitar line, before that slow, moody beat kicks right up again. There's quite a lot going on in this song - it goes through several different parts in it's 3 1/2 minute running time - and it all goes together perfectly. Fantastic cut.

The title track itself is also fantastic. Listen to that rumbling rhythm! And that brilliant bassline. As infectious as hell - with some great guitar sounds. And of course, the classic, infernal tribal drum beat. And don't go forgetting theanthemic chorus either - it's also absolutely great. It's a pretty punky song in a way - especially considering the way that Adam Ant delivers the lyrics. It's probably the second best song on here - especially when the drums really kick in near the end. Another fantastic cut.

As for the other songs...well, "Feed Me to the Lions", is a rocky number, "Los Rancheros" is a decent, Spanish-style song,Side 1 closer "Killer in the Home", is slow and ominous, "The Magnificent Five" is another fast-moving, super-bouncy rocker, "Don't Be Square (Be There)" is very catchy - great rhythm, and a nice melody line that sorta builds up the next verse or chorus. The song is probably the weirdest one on the album - odd rhythm, and a lot of feedback and crazy sounds.It's a very memorable track - another great.

"Jolly Roger" is a very silly Pirate-style song (naturally! It wouldn't be Adam and the Ants if we didn't have a song aboutpirates or dandy highwaymen). It's a very fun song - with a nice chorus as well. Another thumbs up. "Making History" is probably the weakest song here - although it's still pretty good - nice drumbeat. And "The Human Beings" is a decent,rumbling closeout track.

Overall, this album gets a high 8. It's solid throughout - and it definitely has a couple of Adam and the Ants classics - like the brilliant title track, and the fantastic "Ants Invasion". Excellent record.

*NOTE - This review refers to the original vinyl version (I think) - which doesn't include 'Press Darlings' or 'Physical (You're So)', but does include 'Making History'*

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