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Pink Floyd - Animals
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1977

Pigs on the Wing 1
Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Pigs on the Wing 2
Animals - Pink Floyd
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Whacko! What an album! Pink Floyd came up with this one in 1977, and my word, is it a corker. Every member of the bandis absolutely on - from the lyrics of Roger, to the synths of Wright, and Gilmour's guitar. It all makes for 5 ring-dinging tracks, none of which outstay their welcome.

The album is bookended by two simple acoustic, short pieces, both titled "Pigs on the Wing" - no real preparation for what else is on the album, but still nice anyhow. Very good. From the first "Pigs on the Wing", we go straight into the 17-minute "Dogs". Great lyrics, and Gilmour is exceptional throughout, with a couple of good solos, and an exceptional double-tracked solo. The song is also pretty catchy, with some good, solid chordprogressions. You also get some nice bits of PF atmosphere, with the airy synths of Richard Wright in the middle - and don'tforget the big ending. A simple chord progression that gathers up in intensity, with the delivery of Waters and the constantadditions to the sound, culminating in a big final chord. Classic, classic Pink Floyd - it's one of their best songs, fullstop.

Side 2 begins with "Pigs (Three Different Ones)", which is a thudding 10-minuter. Waters mainly concentrates on attackingfamous old lady Mary Whitehouse here, delivering some scarring and venomous vocal lines. The song itself has a sorta-circusatmosphere, with Wright's infamous opening line, and the weird, pig noises that Gilmour's guitar makes. It's another great,great song.

We then go from that, to what might well be the best one here - the almighty "Sheep". It's one of the heaviest and mostthunderous songs that PF ever recorded, as they decide to break from their regular slow pace to create a bouncy smasher - and it's absolutely brilliant. Full of great noises and melodies - especially the smashing finale. This song is perhaps my favourite PF song - it's an absolute classic. And then we finally close out with a reprisal of "Pigs on the Wing".

What a classic - definitely worthy of a 10. 5 brilliant songs, and 3 outright PF classics. Definite 10.

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