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Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 1: Car
Label: Universal
Release: 1977

Moribund the Burgermeister
Solsbury Hill
Modern Love
Excuse Me
Waiting For The Big One
Down the Dolce Vita
Here Comes the Flood
Peter Gabriel 1: Car - Peter Gabriel
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So, the guy's out on his own. After leaving Genesis, Peter Gabriel set straight out on the solo career, and came up with this debut effort in 1977. Naturally, this is one of those "find your genre" albums. Ol' Petey had two of these, beforejust deciding to go with a nice, weird mixture of styles that made up his classic sound.

We kick right off with the anthemic "Moribund the Burgermeister" - one of the best songs on here. An absolutely OUTSTANDINGchorus - utterly superb. It's a very quiet-loud song - rumbling verses, followed straight up with the absolutely massive chorus. Another great song follows - "Solsbury Hill" is probably the most well-known track on here, with it's catchy acoustic rhythm, and autobiographical lyrics. A very nice song - also pretty anthemic in it's own way, with it's great sing-along chorus. Another anthemic sing-along follows that number - the rocky "Modern Love" is another fairly well-known track off here, with some flying Gabriel vocals, and a great riff. Wonderful chorus too - Gabriel liked those brilliantchoruses.

The best song on here definitely goes to the closer though - the beautiful, moving "Here Comes the Flood" absolutelyoutstanding set of lyrics - full of wonderful lines such as "When the flood calls/you have no home, you have no warmth - in the thundercrash/you're a thousand miles within a flash", set to a beautiful rhythm, and Gabriel's great delivery. This full band version also features a soaring chorus, and an outstanding guitar solo. The song is absolutely brilliant - eitherhere or on the more well-known solo version.

As for the others..."Excuse Me" is a good piece of throwaway - it's basically the work of bassist Tony Levin, who was a big fan of the old Barber Shop (He's also responsible for the "King Crimson Barber Shop" - perhaps guest guitarist Robert Fripp was a fan of this lil' number!). It's a nice, humorous piece...of course, Gabriel wasn't going to take this directionon, but it's good to know that it's there, just in case! "Humdrum" is a slower, more atmospheric piece - nice use of the acoustic guitar and wind instruments at the start. It builds up to a catchy, nice piece - and it's generally anotherfantastic song overall.

"Slowburn" is a catchy, fast moving rock song - reminiscent of a lot of the stuff that would appear on the next record. Moreof that pounding guitar sound - some really good playing on this one. There's also a good piano part in the middle of thepiece. Another great. "Waiting For The Big One" is a pretty odd one for Gabriel - it's one of his longer works, and it's a blues. It's probably the weakest number - although it does pick up near to the end, with some good, melodic guitar playing. But it is a little overlong at 7 and a quarter minutes.

And finally, "Down the Dolce Vita" is a super-bombastic, blistering symphonic rocker. Begins with some big classical noise,before launching into a riff that's not that different from Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"! But a lot better, and I do believe that this song came before that one (well, I hope so - otherwise, Gabriel certainly got his influences from a wide variety of strange places!). Anyway, it's another good rocker - and the classical interludes in the chorus are very welldone. This five-minuter also goes through stages of quietness and weirdness, with some very odd clock noises in the middle.Overall, another good song from a good album.

I'm going to give this one a 9 - it's a fantastic album. There's only one song that's not as good as the others - but it doesn't spoil the album as such. All the other songs are generally excellent, and there's some definite PG classics on here.Definite 9 for me.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

a great debut. peter tries his hand out at several differnet styles.

there is an art rock piece in moribund the burgermeister. a good one. great dynamics, great lyrics great everything. good way to start the album.

the lone "hit" fromt he album, solsbury hill follows next. it's propelled by a great accoustic guitar rhytmn, and is very catchy. it's about why he left genesis, although it's pretty fucking hard to tell why he did.

there are some more normal rock songs, that aren't bad, but are a bit generic for peter.

there's a barbershop quartet song that's hilarious

there's some really long epic songs.

then it all closes out with "here comes the flood" a song so overblown and huge that its' great.

a good first album.

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