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Yes - Going For The One
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1977

Going For The One
Turn of the Century
Wonderous Stories
Going For The One - Yes
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Consistency isn't really Yes's strong suite at this point in time - this albumfeatures some of theirbest works, but it also features some of their worst. As it stands though, it'sa solid album - one ofthe best prog rock albums of 1977. It's also probably the last Yes work thatcan really make the grade.After this one, Yes descended into crap at full speed.

We'll deal with the poor moments of this one first - the opening title track isprobably the worst song Yes ever did up to this point. It's got a few decent slide lines, but the songis so incredibly messy, asthe egos of Howe and the returning Wakeman clash together. The song generallymakes absolutely no sensewhatsoever. The same can be said for "Parallels" - it's so messy. Bar theorgan riff, there's nothing that'seven remotely memorable about the song, seeing as everyone seems to be playing adifferent melody. Poor as hell - it's a definite forewarning as to what was to come next.

Yes never really explored their more minimalistic side - one of their majorproblems. When they do, the resultis often spectacular, and it results in the two definite best songs on thisrecord. "Wonderous Stories" is thesimplest Yes song since the days of Banks and Kaye - and it works like a charm. Short, sweet, and marvelous. And "Turn of the Century" is a beautiful, beautiful acoustic piece - one of thebest songs that Yes ever did.Anderson sings well, and the contributions of Howe and Wakeman are tasteful andexcellent. It doesn't slightlyoffend throughout it's 8-minute running time at all - excellent. These twosongs save the album.

Another thumbs up can go to the big extended piece here - the 15-minute"Awaken". Well, half a thumbs up - someparts are brilliant, and some parts are a bit poor. But there's no question asto who's on top here - Steve Howeall the way. The piece runs on his terrific melody line, and he contributesseveral outstanding solos. The only problem with the piece is the general messiness - Anderson is barely audible,Wakeman is poor, the piece generallymakes no sense. It's ok though - not the best Yes suite, but it's certainly notthe worst. Better than most of Tales.

Overall, this album gets a good 6. It's saved by a couple of pieces, althoughthere are songs that are prettypoor. However, it's a very good prog album for 1977 - and Yes did manage tostick in a few new ideas here and there. Butthey didn't bother running with these - this is pretty much the last good Yesrecord.

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what the? five songs on here? ON A YES ALBUM?!?!?!?!? AND ONLY ONE IS OVER 10 MINUTES LONG OMIGOD THEY SOLD OUT.

actually, they just decided to write some fucking great pop songs. COMPLEX pop songs. the title track starts out like a hoe down, then turns into a strange number that makes no sense, with high high singing by anderson, and lyrics where he makes fun of himself. imagine, being a Yes fan, and then listening to this after the last three albums they did. must have been odd.

track two is a bit more in yes territory but not really. it starts out like a classical based guitar ballad, and it pretty much is, even though throughout the band subtly changes the melody, inverting it, playing it backwards, doing things that are hardly noticeable, but make the song that never gets any louder never get boring.

parallels is a GREAT rock song by chris squire that features organ prominently. the organ ROCKS on this song ,something that usually doesn't happen. plus, howe solo's like crazy throughout it. great great song.

wonderous stories is next, a beautiful ballad. of course, many hardliner Yes fans hate it but hard liner prog fans are idiots. if its' good its' good, and this is good.

awaken is the last song, and the epic. it has great steve howe soloing, and it has some great stuff, but it's not up to par with earlier or even some later yes epics.

a VERY weird sloppy album, but a great album. their last truly brilliant album for awhile too.

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