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Genesis - And Then There Were Three...
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1978

Down And Out
Ballad of Big
Burning Rope
Deep In The Motherlode
Many Too Many
Scenes From A Night's Dream
Say It's Alright Joe
The Lady Lies
Follow You, Follow Me
And Then There Were Three... - Genesis
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Genesis are going to take their time over this prog-to-pop thing - after theprog of "Wind and Wuthering" and the departureof the only real prog guy in the band, Steve Hackett, comes "And Then There WereThree..." a pure transition album. Genesisgo in various musical directions to try and find a sound, and they pretty muchfail. Most of the songs are unmemorable,and the album is generally a drag to listen to - it's basically boring.

It's never really offensive as such, bar the horrid "Ballad of Big", which justsounds too much like an unreleased track from"Wind and Wuthering". It's basically a throwback - and a very poor throwback atthat. Other than that, we basically have a collection of spanking-new Genesis, done in several extremely different ways.

We have ballads - the unmemorable "Say It's Alright Joe" and the better"Undertow" - neither are really that great, and "Undertow" itself, in my opinion, is very overrated - it's certainly one of thebest songs on the record, but it's not really a Genesis classic. We also have some country-tinged songs - "Snowbound",another poor cut, and another one of thebest songs on the album to boot - "Deep in the Motherlode". There's not much toit bar the classic banksynth line, but it'sa very good song overall.

Most of the other songs are basically nothing, with little to remember them by. But there is another good moment in the extended piece, "The Lady Lies". In this one, Genesis seem to go for a bigglammy sound, and Banks responds with a synthline that's a little corny, but still good. The song itself is basically aBanks showcase, but it's another good song onthe record.

The band manage to find something resembling the sound that was to come with thelast number on the album - and it's the onethat everybody knows. "Follow You, Follow Me" was the first big Genesis hit,and it was deserved - it's easily the best song on the album. Unlike pretty much any other song here, it's not disjointedand out of place, and it's a nice, catchypop song.

As it stands though, Genesis still pretty much failed to find their sound -although they did get some pointers with the success of the last song. The next album would continue the transitionalperiod. As for this album, it only gets a 4 - although "Ballad of Big" is the only real poor song here, most of the others arebasically disjointed and often poor, barthree good songs, two of which only really had a couple of good qualities. Forthat, it can't get any more than 4.

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