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Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers
Label: S-Curve Records
Release: 2003

Mexican Wine
Bright Future In Sales
Stacy's Mom
No Better Place
Valley Winter Song
All Kinds of Time
Little Red Light
Hey Julie
Halley's Waitress
Hung Up On You
Fire Island
Peace and Love
Bought for a Song
Yours and Mine
Welcome Interstate Managers - Fountains of Wayne
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From the alt-country twanginess of "Hung Up On You" to the cheery keyboard solo of "Peace and Love", Welcome Interstate Managers delivers a catchy indie pop sound that many try to achieve but few accomplish.

The album, the third from Fountains of Wayne, delivers everything you could want in an album. The hard hitting fuzz guitar riff of "Bright Future In Sales" sounds just as good as anything Superdrag has to offer. The new wave sounds and tongue-in-cheek lyrics of "Stacy's Mom" make you wonder if it's 1979 and you're listening to The Cars, and the catchy vocal arrangements and neo-psychedelia of "Supercollider" recalls early Oasis.

Despite this diverse list of influences and wide range of styles and sounds, Welcome Interstate Managers fails to capture the magic and ultra-catchiness of Fountains of Waynes first two records. At times the songs seem a bit forced. Like they were trying so hard to make a catchy pop song that they kind of missed the mark.

All in all it's a decent album, but I'd recommend new listeners to purchase Fountains of Wayne and Utopia Parkway first. Save this one for the loyal fans.

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