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Our Lady Peace - Happiness is not a fish that you can catch
Label: Sony
Release: 1999

One Man Army
Happiness & The Fish
Potato Girl
Is Anybody Home? Waited
Lying Awake
Consequence of Laughing
Stealing Babies - Elvin Jones

Happiness is not a fish that you can catch - Our Lady Peace
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Our Lady Peace had some big shoes to fill after releasing "Clumsy", and they knew it. Although this album isn't a bad album, its weakness was you can just hear the creativity frustration and the sense they were trying too hard to top "Clumsy".

The album starts with strange noises accompanies by Raine Maida whispering into the microphone. "Take these plastic people, read their lips, now let it linger, is there anything that makes them sound sincere?" is the first lines we hear in the album, and about the most interesting. This album has too many flaws, one is the sound of a band trying to hold on to something that made them famous. The other is the music itself in some parts borderlines on regurgitation of previous songs. Raine's subject matter seems to be a little more sensitve and personal this time around, and listening to "Potato girl", "Waited" and "Blister" just make you want to run out and give him a hug and tell him it'll be ok. This can be either a weakness or a flaw, depending on your mood when you listen to it. Although, his vocals have never sounded better (his voice sounds the best on this album than all the rest of theirs), his lyrics seem to be selfish to the point where the listener gets the sensation he's saying "I'm gonna let you know I'm sad and why i'm sad, but I won't go into too much detail, I just want your pity" Not to discredit the good parts of the album.

There are some wonderful parts where keyboards and guitars blend beautifully, and bassist Duncan Couts did his best work on this album, which helped out a lot of the songs, since he seemed to be the strongest musically on these recordings. Mike Turner's guitars seemed to take a back seat in a lot of the songs, and Drummer Jeremy Taggart's drum style hasn't changed in years, which can be good or bad. The album isn't bad at all, it's just their weakest when they tried to be their strongest.

Overall, I recommend this album, but not before most of their others.

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I'll be the first to admit that Naveed and Clumsy (Our Lady Peace's first two albums) each had a few catchy songs. They were boring mid-90s post-grunge, but songs like "Starseed" and "4 AM" were at least good enough to get my attention back when I was 16. I have since sold both of those albums, but that's another story.

Their third album, Happiness..., however was awful. It offered nothing catchy, in fact it offered nothing it all. Hell, one of the songs even rips off a Collective Soul riff! How sad is that?

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