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Baxter - Baxter
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1998

Love Again
I can't see why
Ballad of Behaviour
All of my pride
So much I've heard
Oh my love
Baxter - Baxter
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When Nina Ramsby was in the Swedish power pop trio, Salt, the songs were basic 3 chord progressions with noisy guitars in background, usually just playing an octave higher than the original guitar and labeled as a "fill" or "solo" with the bass not doing much but follow the guitar and occasionally accent. Salt received not so stellar reviews, and were even called boring on several occcasions. Nina Surprised the hell out of everyone when Salt disbanded, and the next time we heard her lovely voice, it was floating through computerized drums, trumpets, and jungle groovieness with crazy basslines all over the place.

Baxter is, simply put, a trip hop or jungle project, and it's one for people who don't like jungle and trip hop it sounds very Euro. Complete with vocals that seem innocent and dangerous all at the same time, the CD has a flow that is unmatched in it's Genre. Nina's voice floats through the music, at some points sounding even cold and distant from the rest of the music which is comprised of jungle beats, drum n bass craziness, and trip hop at times it seems the drums are going to jump out at you because you're not expecting them to be so busy for the rest of the song's content, which often contains trumpets! Something you don't see often in this kind of stuff. This is shown beautifully through "Political" and "Love again". No matter what groove the music is giving you, Nina's voice keeps it all together, this is why the only instrumental, "Ballad of behaviour" is also it's only weak link keeping this review from being perfect.

When I hear it, I am reminded of Portishead, especially in "So much I've heard", which is one of my favorite tracks on this album.

This album has the abilty to make you want to dance like a madman and then just sit in a almost meditative state with your eyes closed just listening to the music, and all this occurs in the same song!

Highlights - "So much I've heard", "Television", "Possible, oh my love"
Drawbacks - "Ballad of behaviour"

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