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Neil Young - Living With War
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 2006

1. After the Garden
2. Living With War
3. The Restless Consumer
4. Shock and Awe
5. Families
6. Flags of Freedom
7. Let's Impeach the President
8. Lookin' for a Leader
9. Roger and Out
10. America the Beautiful
Living With War - Neil Young
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Neil Young never has been a favorite of mine, his vocal abilities are up there with Bob Dylan's although I always had to credit him on his songwriting ability. Once again like with Vietnam, Neil Young is standing up again a war which he believes is wrong and is going out guns blazing against our "beloved" Commander in Chief, George W. Bush. Although as much as it's fun to rag on the president or the overall War on Terror, I don't think it makes for a good album and grows tiresome after a while, I prefer an album such as Green Day's American Idiot which give you a message but wrap it in a nice musical wrapper.

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