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Toby Lightman - Bird of a Wire
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2006

1. Don't Wake Me
2. Don't Let Go
3. Better
4. Slipping
5. Round & Round
6. My Sweet Song
7. Alone
8. One Sure Thing
9. Overflowing
10. Weight of the World
11. Holding Me Down
12. I'd Be Lost
13. Good Find
Bird of a Wire - Toby Lightman
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Toby Lightman seems like a very talented and overall a good artist. Her first album Little Things was great album; it was innovative and expressive. Too bad it seems she's lost some of her magic as Bird on a Wire just seems to be missing some of her old charm and lyricial talent. The album has some great songwriting and music although it reminds me of a watered down Sheryl Crow album which isn't too inspiring or interesting to me.

Some highlights of Bird on a Wire are Overflowing, Alone, and Holding Me Down.

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