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Billy Talent - Billy Talent II
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2006

1. Devil In A Midnight Mass
2. Red Flag
3. This Suffering
4. Worker Bees
5. Pins And Needles
6. Fallen Leaves
7. Where Is The Line
8. Covered In Cowardice
9. Surrender
10. In The Fall
11. Perfect World
12. Sympathy
13. Burn The Evidence
Billy Talent II - Billy Talent
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Billy Talent is a pop-punk type act, and I mean that in a non-negitive way as I'd classify Billy Talent similar to Green Day. Red Flag is by far the most addictive song I've heard in a while. Ben Kowalewicz vocals and sharp and fast in most of the songs although he does serve up alternatives such as Pins and Needles (which is also a great song). I wouldn't classify Billy Talent as revolutionary as many of their fans do, although it's nice to hear something refreshing and different.

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