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Kill Hannah - Until There's Nothing Left of Us
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2006

1 Intro
2 Believer
3 Lips Like Morphine
4 Black Poison Blood
5 Love You to Death
6 Collapse
7 Statues Without Eyes
8 Crazy Angel
9 Under the Milky Way
10 Songs That Saved My Life
11 Scream
12 Outro
Until There
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Kill Hannah's sophomore major release goes where Never and Ever left off, rocking. Their new album differs from Never and Ever in theme, the new album curtails love, lust, and hope something missing from their major debut. The biggest surprise on this album is the diversity of the sound from song to song, which reminded me much of how the Smashing Pumpkins were in the mid-90s. Also there are other influential hints within the album, you can hear bands such as Depeche Mode and the Cure echo in these songs. Overall this is a wonderful album and I'm glad to see such a good band doing well in the light of stardom and turning out material that is worthwhile and different than most manufactured rock music of today.

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