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Placebo - Meds
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2006

1. Meds
2. Infra-Red
3. Drag
4. Space Monkey
5. Follow The Cops Back Home
6. Post Blue
7. Because I Want You
8. Blind
9. Pierrot The Clown
10. Broken Promise
11. One Of A Kind
12. In The Cold Light Of Morning
13. Song To Say Goodbye
Meds - Placebo
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Long-time Placebo fans will definitely enjoy their latest release, Meds. It has all of the elements of a classic Placebo record (distorted, dissonant guitar parts... Brian Molko's trademark whine... and of course, erotic and often sexual lyrics).

Highlights of the album include the song "Broken Promise" (featuring Michael Stipe), "Infra-red", and "Song to Say Goodbye".

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