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White Stripes, The - White Blood Cells
Label: V2 Records
Release: 2002

Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Hotel Yorba
I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman
Fell In Love With A Girl
Little Room
The Union Forever
The Same Boy You've Always Known
We're Going To Be Friends
Offend In Every Way
I Think I Smell A Rat
I Can't Wait
Now Mary
I Can Learn
This Protector
White Blood Cells - White Stripes, The
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     I felt that this CD was very good over all. The band is very interesting and considered a new and upcoming group. They have a very simple yet energetic sound that is reminds me a lot of older Metallica and older Pink Floyd. As with all CDs this does have filler on it. “Little Room” and “We’re going to be friends” are good examples of this. As well as "Aluminium", this was just a strange piece of music very loud to the point that the lyrics were uncomprehendable. There were on the other hand some songs on this CD that I just loved. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”, “Hotel Yorba”, “Fell in Love With a Girl”, and “I think I Smell a Rat” are all very good songs. The CD is full of a lot of great guitar playing by Jack White. I definitely recommend that you pick up this CD and give it a try if for nothing else just to expose yourself to the new wave of rock-n-roll. Just see if you find “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and “Hotel Yorba” as entertaining as I do.


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White Blood Cells is a collection of songs about childhood innocence and love that is ending or unrequited. The songs are strong and have spark, and there is even evidence of Jack White's country influences here with such songs as "We're going to be friends" and "Hotel Yorba". The single that got the most airplay, "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" is probably one of the weaker songs on this album. As with their debut, "White Blood Cells" could have benefited with some stronger drumming techniques, they do not live up to their full potential because of the sometimes lackluster drumming of Meg. With all that in mind, it is still a good album and worth a few listens.

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