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Pavement - Brighten the Corners
Label: Matador Records
Release: 1997

1. Stereo
2. Shady Lane
3. Transport Is Arranged
4. Date With Ikea
5. Old To Begin
6. Type Slowly
7. Embassy Row
8. Blue Hawaiian
9. We Are Underused
10. Passat Dream
11. Starlings Of The Slipstream
12. Fin

Brighten the Corners - Pavement
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On their fourth album, Pavement deliver a cohesive set of quirky songs that are sure to please the listener. Where 1995's Wowee Zowee often traded song structure for expirementation, Brighten the Corners offers the best of both worlds. The songs are definitely unique, but they're catchy and easy to sing along to.

Highlights include "Shady Lane" and "Stereo".

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