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Stereophonics - Live from Dakota
Label: Vox Populi Records
Release: 2006

Disc One:
1. Superman
2. Doorman
3. A Thousand Trees
4. Devil
5. Mr. Writer
6. Pedalpusher
7. Deadhead
8. Maybe Tomorrow
9. The Bartender and The Thief
10. Local Boy In The Photograph

Disk Two:
1. Hurry Up and Wait
2. Madame Helga
3. Vegas Two Times
4. Carrot Cake and Wine
5. I'm Alright
6. Jayne
7. Too Many Sandwiches
8. Traffic
9. Just Looking
10. Dakota
Live from Dakota - Stereophonics
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"If you've never been to one of our gigs before, then this will make you want to come. If the only perception you have of us is from a few singles on the radio, then this will totally change your mind." - Kelly Jones

After five studio albums, Stereophonics release their first live double disc album "Live from Dakota." The album is loaded with old and new hits such as Local Boy in the Photograph, Dakota, Traffic, and Mr. Writer.

The welsh band's performance reminds me of Radiohead of the mid nineties, very raw energy and exciting to listen to and as Kelly Jones said, I'd love to see them live now after hearing this live set, as the CD 's production has beautifully captured the intensity and live feel of their songs.

Their set opens with a rocking Superman with superb electric guitar solos. To the punkish sounding Doorman, to A Thousand Trees that reminds me of a song that could of been on Radiohead's The Bends.

This album has it all and will be coming to your stores soon April 18, 2006.

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