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Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Release: 1995

1. Needle In The Hay
2. Christian Brothers
3. Clementine
4. Southern Belle
5. Single File
6. Coming Up Roses
7. Satellite
8. Alphabet Town
9. St. Ides Heaven
10. Good To Go
11. The White Lady Loves You More
12. The Biggest Lie

Elliott Smith  - Elliott Smith
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Elliott Smith’s self titled release is a continuation of what he does best, intimate acoustic folk that makes you feel like he’s in your room playing it just for you. The songs are as low-key as it comes and his frail and fragile voice whispers over them, with moments of emphasis. I believe that the songs would be a lot better if there were a little more emphasis on dynamics, as we all know already that he is a good songwriter, but the absence of a full band and better recording production is what he lacks. Some say it is his appeal that his music was so intimate, some say it was his weakness, maybe both.

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